"The greatest cleaning SECRET in the world..."
- The Screaming Meanies Housewife
Becoming a Breeze Distributor

Great News! Becoming a Breeze Cleaner Distributor has never been easier!

To make it wonderful and fair for both you and us and to make it simple as pie, we offer the following Package Signup:

Signing Up
Signing up is $399.97. You will receive 12 gallons of Breeze. Shipping is included, depending upon your location. Please contact us first if you are not within the continental United States.

Subsequent shipments to you may be reduced in cost by approximately 10% to 20% dependent upon quantity.

Drop Shipping
You can also have Breeze Cleaner drop shipped to your customers. That means that we will ship to them directly, but you will receive credit for the sale.

We will email your customers for their reviews of Breeze Cleaner. They will be able to opt in for special coupons or news.

Simple! : )

You will be selling and promoting the most beloved cleaner in the world. Selling Breeze, a truly necessary and beneficial product, is truly a joy. It's very easy, as the product and practically sells itself.


Please contact us for sample bottle availability. Or, better yet, make your own! We can ship you bottles at a reduced cost.

The more you work, the more you will be rewarded. We can provide you your own Breeze Blog for free! You will be able to put all things Breeze on your Blog, but of course, as we are not entirely stupid, if you put negative, defamatory, hurtful or unappealing material, your blog is History.

We want to be, and we want you to be, successful, profitable, honorable and uplifting for both our customer, distributors, each other, and you will be required to sign an agreement promising that you will remain positive and helpful for us, yourself and customers for as long as you remain a distributor. 

As long as you remain positive and a joy to deal with, you can remain a Breeze Cleaner representative. : )  Sound strict, strange? We hope not!

But we have found that the happier we all are, doing well for and by each other, the greater success for all.

Of course since we want you to be happy and satisfied, you can stop anytime you wish. If you stop selling for a period of 1 year, we will put your account in "inactive" status. You will then be able to become reactivated once you start selling again with a new agreement and start up cost. If it's close to 1 year or less.

That means that you will continue to receive residual income for 1 year of your last sales activity.

Unfortunately you will lose your customers when you go to "inactive status" and a proportion of them will be transferred to other distributors.


We at Breeze Easy Cleaner Corporation take tremendous pride in providing what we believe are the finest cleaning products in the world today.  We humbly submit that we haven't tried every product available, but, for all the we have tried, Breeze is the Ultimate Cleaning Champ!

We also believe that our beautiful planet and the wonderful creatures there in and on are to be carefully tended and cherished, and therefore only sell products that meet our highest environmental standards.  Furthermore, we do not believe in the use of harsh and damaging products that hurt people and animals.  We respect and cherish all living creatures.  

We are looking for distributors who would be happy supporting and selling Breeze, as well as supporting our business beliefs and practices. We have a strong business ethic of sharing, giving and working hard.  We also believe in having fun, promoting friendship and charity, and sticking together for the long haul to help make our business, and the world a better place to strive together, and to enjoy.  

If you would like to join our distribution group, please contact us by filling out the short form below and then clicking the 'submit' button.  We are very glad you are taking the time and effort to join us!  Congratulations again, and we look forward to contacting you back very shortly!

All the Best,

Ceacil Jones

PS: Of course there are a zillion other details, such as, should you decide to ship yourself, you will be entirely responsible for making sure your customer receives the product in a timely fashion. If we have to reship to them, we will not reimburse them for any money they may have given you.

Our requirements are sensible and reasonable. We are a stickler for integrity, positive outlook, pleasant communication and interraction.

The whole idea is for this to work positively and profitably for all.

Signing Up Other Distributors

Yes, you can sign up other distributors and receive a portion of their sales. We will do 2 levels max, and they must sell a minimum of 1 gallon of Breeze per month for you to receive credit.

Congratulations on considering this wonderful opportunity!

You know, there are a trillion products. Now many of those products are not so useful, may be a little bit extraneous, not quite what they're cracked up to be.

But Breeze Cleaner is a truly universally useful product that's GOOD for you, GOOD for everyone, GOOD for the planet, the environment, and helps almost  everything be cleaner, and thus, healthier, shinier, brighter, and more wonderful!

Now isn't that a great reason to be a Breeze Cleaner distributor?

Yes! Most certainly! :D
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Effective. It Works! Take a look at some of the testimonials that have been sent to us by our customers. Click here to see them!

Simple. One cleaning company cut their cleaning product list in half by using breeze. What could you remove from your collection?

Safe. Breeze Cleaner is completely Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. Family Safe. Earth Friendly.



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