"The BEST CLEANER In the World, Hands Down.
EASY SPRAYER Saves Money and Time... a TRUE MIRACLE!"

- The Screaming Meanies Housewife

YES! The Original, Amazing, Non-Toxic,
Breeze Cleaner is Now Available HERE! :)

This is the famous cleaner beloved by hospitals and professionals around the world.
Truly gentle on the environment but incredibly powerful on dirt.
People have fallen in LOVE with Breeze...

"Breeze Cleaner works like a MIRACLE. It beat ALL the others I've tried,
and I've tried EVERYTHING. IT cleaned stains and grungy dirt when NOTHING else did."
"Used by MAJOR HOSPITALS, specialty food handling facilities, cleaning experts around the world, available now to YOU!
MIX with water, seems to LAST forever! NOTHING like it...

"It's true... I would let the toilets get almost scary because I hated wiping them, touching them...  but after discovering Breeze Cleaner, it's now, TOO easy to clean!  You spray.  You take a little toilet paper.  You wipe.  Every little piece of dirt, stain and debris disappears with virtually no work.  NO YUCKY SMELLS, NO STRONG PERFUMES, NOTHING but CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.  Breeze Cleaner is SUPER EASY, SUPER FAST, SUPER GENTLE, SUPER CLEAN.  Other cleaners make promises, have a fruit smell or claim to be household cleaners extraordinaire... but Breeze Cleaner works BETTER THAN ANYTHING I'VE EVER TRIED, AND I'VE TRIED THEM ALL. "      -- Cheryl,  Busy Homemaker
"Breeze Cleaner is not just for the bathroom. It works EVERYWHERE -- in the car, the kitchen, the workroom, the garage, floors, windows, mirrors, (no streaking if you use a clean towel!), shoes, cupboards, handprints, (Walls!) and everywhere I can think of. The thing is, I don't have to buy any, cleaners anymore. I SAVE MONEY AND TIME!"

Introducing the Finest All Purpose Cleaning System in the World !

"Breeze Cleaner comes as a CONCENTRATE. That means one gallon seems to last forever!"

My goodness, you say...  how bold a statement.  Well, we wouldn't say it if we didn't believe it to be so.  Let me tell you an actual, true story.  

Five years ago, we acquired a little fixer upper cottage "as is."  Although cute, this little fixer-upper had accumulated many, many years of dirt and grime.  

So, we marched to the local stores and purchased an impressive array of over $400 worth of cleaning supplies.  You name it, we bought it.

While checking out, we noticed a special promotion of an obscure all-purpose cleaner with a free spray bottle. 

"Oh," we said, "let's get that just for the great spray bottle." 

So, we purchased this little all purpose cleaner and it's free bottle and soon forgot about it.

Cleaning began with a flurry.  The cleaning solvent smells were noxious,  our hands suffered.  What a challenge.  But nothing quite challenged us like the years of accumulated baked on debris under the stove top.  Phew! 

We used caustic lyes, spray oven cleaners, knives, spatulas, almost everything.  TO NO AVAIL.  

"That's it!" I said.  "Why can't we just get a new stove?"

But, this stove was cute, our budget limited.  So, in a final impatient gesture of frustration, I poured the last little all purpose cleaner onto the accumulation. 

No noxious smells, no harsh perfumes.  Hmmm, I thought, what a waste this cleaner must be.

A few minutes later, I returned to scrape inside this little stove, one, last time.  To my utter amazement, the dirt parted like that wondrous Red Sea.  It looked like new!

I then sprayed the textured counters. No other cleaner had been able to remove the embedded dirt.  A little scrub with a brush, the counters were cleaner than a Swiss whistle.

I sprayed the white cupboards.  Dirt GONE.  I sprayed the walls.  Even, the floors.  This cleaner cleaned everything better than all the other cleaners, combined.

Thru the years, this cleaner has replaced almost all the others for us.

We discovered many, many people had also fallen in love with this product and were asking for it around the country.

All the Best to You, and May All Your Best Easy Breezy Cleaning Wishes Come True!

Ceacil Jones 
P.S. I guess by now you figured out that the obscure "little cleaner" mentioned above was none other than our Ultimate Breeze Easy Cleaner.  Please click on our Order Page and try some today! Are you a repeat customer? Mention that with your reorder, and we will include another, additional free gift. We can't say enough how much we appreciate our loyal customers! Thank you all!

Yes! I'm Ready to Order NOW! : )


Effective. It Works! Take a look at some of the testimonials that have been sent to us by our customers. Click here to see them!

Simple. One cleaning company cut their cleaning product list in half by using breeze. What could you remove from your collection?

Safe. Breeze Cleaner is completely Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. Family Safe. Earth Friendly.



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