"The World's Most BELOVED Spray Cleaner
and BEST Cleaning Secret, EVER!"

- The Screaming Meanies Housewife
Ordering Breeze and Contacting Us

Yay! Breeze Cleaner Concentrate is Available Again. Order Below! ↓

(Minimum Order: 4 Single Gallons Per Box)


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Due to changing times, shipping prices have greatly increased. However, we are reducing our actual shipping costs to you by 30% to 60%. Please note that the cost of a bottle of reconstituted Breeze Spray is still as low as 37 cents! Your beloved Breeze Cleaner is a wonderful value and of course, the most amazing, non-toxic, powerful spray cleaner money can buy.

Pick your quantity and order below! :)
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Breeze is concentrated. 1 gallon of famous Breeze Cleaner Concentrate can make over 64 bottles of high-powered, non-toxic, super-effective spray cleaner!

This makes it one of the lowest cost, highest value and top-performing cleaners available, today.

Breeze is non-toxic. This makes it extremely safe for everyday home, business and recreational use. Of course, please do not consume Breeze! Carefully follow directions for use on the bottle.

Made for highly demanding professional industries,  available to YOU, today.

At this time, Breeze Cleaner is only  available from the website in minimum 4 gallon case sizes. Breeze is no longer available locally in stores. If this should change, we will post it here.

The 4 gallon minimum is due to current distribution and availability requirements. We wish that we could ship in smaller amounts, but the logistics and cost are currently prohibitive.

We understand that 4 gallons is a large quantity for home use. You can keep 1 for home, 1 for boat, camper, vacation home, work, or pitch in with friends, neighbors, co-workers.

Others have found that Breeze Cleaner makes great gifts for friends, neighbors and associates.

You can put the concentrate in a small bottle with a note with a nice spray bottle. Believe it or not, people will love it and  come to greatly appreciate your gift!

You may notice that pricing is higher than when Breeze was available in the big box stores. We apologize for this, but we are only able to  provide lowest pricing for minimum pallet size purchasing.

If you are interested in purchasing larger quantities of Breeze Cleaner for distribution or industrial use, please let us know and we can arrange bulk pricing.

You can use any good quality spray bottle from your local hardware, drug or grocery  store.

Food Grade Breeze Cleaner is the only certified food-grade spray cleaner that can be safely use on your stove and kitchen surfaces in the diluted formula.

Breeze Cleaner is beloved the world over as the best spray cleaner, ever.

All sales are final due to the non-refundable costs we incur. If shipping damage occurs, we will replace items as per shipping insurance rules and regulations.

Returns will not be credited and no refunds will be issued.

Thank you for your understanding in this. Breeze Cleaner is cherished the world over and has innumerable testimonies.

Please be sure that this product is for you before ordering. Thank you!


Our Email: Info@Breezecleaner.com
San Diego, California, USA
You can email us HERE
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Pricing Subject to Change 
Without Notice


Notes Regarding Pricing

For some, the pricing may seem rather high. However, compared to other cleaners, the pricing is EXTREMELY economical, while the cleaning power is safe, green and super charged!

Also, shipping, boxing and handling can be quite expensive these days. We make very little selling this product - it's more a labor of love. : )

Thank You for Visiting!

Pricing and Information Subject to Change Without Notice.

We accept



Effective. It Works! Take a look at some of the testimonials that have been sent to us by our customers. Click here to see them!

Simple. One cleaning company cut their cleaning product list in half by using breeze. What could you remove from your collection?

Safe. Breeze Cleaner is completely Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. Family Safe. Earth Friendly.



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