"The greatest cleaning SECRET in the world..."
- The Screaming Meanies Housewife
Breeze Cleaner has received thousands of positive testimonials.
We present just a few, below. Thank you, over the years, for all
the great testimonials and for being such loyal, happy customers!
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"After a professional carpet cleaning, we still had spots including red wine that the cleaners said could not be removed due to a permanent chemical reaction. Viola! After one diluted application of ‘Breeze’, the spots are completely gone!  ~ Bob"

"Mary Ann has a very, very lazy, sloppy fourteen year old at home. This child never picked up a cleaning product voluntarily in her life. Since bring home the “Breeze”, Mary Ann cannot get it away from her. She wants to clean the windows, floors, bathroom and walls all the time. Ellie says she never realized how fun and easy cleaning could be."  ~ Erin

"We have been using about 2 gallons a week in our hotel and we believe it to be the best product available..."  ~ Cypress Inn

“Breeze” has solved a lot of problems for my business because it is an excellent product which has so many uses. I have literally cut my product list in half through the use of this product."  ~ Molly Maid

"You have made the best product that has ever hit the market. You can use Breeze for anything and it works wonderful!"

"I was amazed at the stains that it removed. I had tried everything else and had given up. So these were old stains."  ~ Patty 

"I have never been inspired to write a letter to a manufacturer before concerning a particular product, but I have never come across a product as wonderful as Breeze...
"Hello - I hope you can help me find a location where I can buy Breeze detergent - it is absolutely the best all-purpose detergent I have ever used!!"  ~ Lorraine

"It’s certainly the best product on the market!"  ~ D.R. 

We have hundreds of testimonials on record and have received countless emails and letters from extremely happy customers. Breeze Cleaner has one of the largest and most loyal fans and followers of the Breeze Cleaning  tradition!




Effective. It Works! Take a look at some of the testimonials that have been sent to us by our customers. Click here to see them!

Simple. One cleaning company cut their cleaning product list in half by using breeze. What could you remove from your collection?

Safe. Breeze Cleaner is completely Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. Family Safe. Earth Friendly.



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